Thoughts for a Tuesday

First, this was supposed to be thoughts for a Monday, but you know how in my book Mondays are not super fantastic for following through on well-intentioned plans. This Monday is no different.

Second, (and I can only speak for myself here) rarely is it a good idea to change ANYONE’S diaper before I have put in my eyes, be that contacts or glasses, especially if that diaper is loaded to the brim with nastiness. Ignorance is not bliss in this case.

Third, a child that screams real loud while their mouth is one inch away from your ear CAN lead to a burst eardrum, or some sort of wiggity wackness.

Fourth, since I prefer that my affinity for napping be kept a secret, I really need to remember to not fall asleep on that one specific pillow.
{This beauty lasted a good solid hour.}

Fifth, Toy Story 3 made me cry. Gosh. So typical of me. Toy Story 3 also made Bosco get teary, but that was entirely because he only blinked two times while watching it.


Rainee said...

I can live with your reasons!! :)

The redhead said...

Rainee-Glad to hear!

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