The day my parents hoped would arrive sooner; well, it's here.

I made homemade pesto the other night and now I pretty much feel like a grown up. I thought being married and having two kids would have given me that badge. But nope. I’ve learned you don’t need to be mature to get married OR have kids. I submit me as Exhibit A:
{Don't worry. This was take pre-transformation.}

But if it’s maturity you desire, just go make some pesto. Pesto is the key here.

The only way I could feel more grown up right now is if I had actually grown the basil for the pesto myself, which could happen soon enough since we started a freaking square foot garden this summer!
{Look at it! It’s alive! And I really don’t know why!}

If all goes well, soon I’m going to be the pinnacle of all things mature, so much so that I’ll have to stop sprinkling my sentences with ‘freaking’ so freaking often.

And I’m prolly not gonna post again before the wondrous day of July 4th so, Happy Independence Day to all you Americans out there, and to anyone else who wants to celebrate some random day with fireworks and a BBQ. Cele-brey-sheee-own! Shamone!


Rainee said...

Have a freaking fourth of July too!

Kelly said...

I have made pesto one time and I also felt very fancy about the whole thing.

And you can totally grow your own basil. It's super easy. Buy a plant, plant it, and then let it go. Whenever you need fresh basil send your kid out with the scissors. Send an older kid though :)

Happy 4th!

The redhead said...

Rainee- freak ya!

Kelly- Fancy! That's a great way to put it. And my basil plants are actually growing so loads of pesto is in my future.

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