If I could mess with the space and time continuum

A note to (from?) my future self:
Hey there fantastic.

Listen. You will buy these hairclips one day and they will be perfect for you. They will be large enough to pull back your hair, but small enough to be comfortable during naps, and discreet enough to wear without looking like there is a plastic banana in your hair. You know how long you've searched for something like this. Well, self, you will forget where you bought these. Perhaps they don’t even exist anymore. So it’s pretty unfortunate that you will lose all but one of them and you will hold onto that one for dear life, despite the fact that it is barely operational anymore.
But this will serve as a glowing example of how thrifty you are. Wear that sucker out, and use this experience as reference when certain persons say you spend too much money on things.

Chin up girl. I mean chin down. I keep forgetting how pointy that thing is.


The Atomic Mom said...

I have those very hair clips....They are GOODY clips, you should be able to buy them at Target, or Walgreens, or any store that sells GOODY hair clips. Or, I can just send you mine. :)

The redhead said...

Well, I looked at Target and they don't have the same kind!

I fear I may have got them at Walmart and I'll have to enter that store before I've adequately prepped myself.

The Atomic Mom said...

If I ever find them, I will tell you where I find them. I carry one in each purse I own....because you never know when the wind will whip.

Rainee said...

I'm so picky about hairclips myself. Hate the pokes that tries to bore into my precious brain and gradually turns sideways the way it shouldn't be. Dang hairclips. At least you know what you want! :)

Keri said...

I still mourn my favorite hairclip. Alas, one piece of it got lost. When it turned back up, I received the unfortunate news that a less attached party had thrown the first piece away.

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