I'm not going to cover the Easter Bunny's butt anymore.

Being the planner I am with ample amounts of forethought, I bought Easter basket goodies and toys over a month ago, and placed them discreetly in a closet. When the time came for the Easter Bunny to arrive, we would be ready.

But apparently the universe has been trying to tell me NOT to perpetuate the legacy of the Easter Bunny in our household because my best laid plans met obstacles at every turn this Easter. And usually I interpret obstacles as signs.

Earlier last week when I was rummaging through the closet, the bag of Easter paraphernalia was accidentally unearthed in front of Bosco. He then proceeded to tell me how he had seen that bag before and looked through all of the contents whilst in the presence of Daddy (the Husband just so this is clear). He even took out all the toys, then he, Bubba, and Daddy had a grand ol' time playing with such "cool things". Then after a while Daddy said it was time to put everything back in the closet.

This tells me two things. 1. Daddy knew these things were supposed to be a secret because only secret things are kept in closets. 2. I can trust no one.

Of course I then proceeded to make an attempt at remedying the situation. Basically, I lied, spouting things like, "The Easter Bunny dropped these things off here because he's really busy, and he told me to keep them safe until Easter. Daddy must not have been listening when the Easter Bunny said it was supposed to be a secret. Obviously Daddy did a very silly thing letting you play with them. He's in a good amount of trouble."

Bosco was astonished to find out that the toys he had played with were actually delivered by the Easter Bunny. It's like he had gotten a special backstage pass into Awesomeness.

So with the crisis somewhat averted, I figured the whole idea of an Easter basket could be salvaged.

At least this was my thought today as I filled Easter baskets with the utmost amount of sneakiness. Then, not really thinking about it, I left the baskets in the office and closed the door. I figured I would go hide them outside (family tradition) after naptime was over.

When I announced that it was about time for the Easter Bunny to deliver the baskets, Bosco interjected, "Actually I already saw them. They're in the office. That boat is really cool! I want the blue one."

As you can imagine my perfectionist little heart went to pieces. Nothing is secret in this house. NOTHING. Not even when you close doors! What are those blasted things even good for?!

So I picked up the ill-fated baskets for all to see and hid them outside.

From now on there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny in our house because I'm already working too hard to keep the hope of Santa Claus alive. And given my record, he's one closed door away from non-existence.

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Bonnie said...

Your life is so awesome.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

The redhead said...

Hey thanks for reminding me that I need to think that more often :) Oddly, I needed to hear that today.

The Atomic Mom said...

We don't do The Easter Bunny or Santa Claus at our house. But, it's about the surprize from Mommy and Daddy. I would be ticked about that being ruined.

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