You won't believe what happens when you put wheat in a bunch of dirt and add water

As is customary for me this time each year, I attempt to reach deep into the recesses of my sunlight depraved soul and try to remind myself that winter will end.

Spring will come. (Well, technically the calendar says it should be here already but our neck of the woods has it's very own seasonal chart that changes if perchance two people within a five mile radius of each other sneeze at the exact same time or if ANY person in this general vicinity makes ANY comment about the weather when that same person has hatred in their heart combined with an awful case of the munchies.)

And apparently these things happen here all the time because last week it snowed, this weekend it was beautifully sunny, and the past three days it has rained while tornadoes have touched down, all whilst I dealt with kids who have turned into rabid caged animals with sharp teeth, mind you.

But since there's nothing I can to do control the atmospheric forces that be, besides check my emotions, eating habits, and sneezing fits, the only thing I can do to keep the hope and faith of spring alive is to make it happen myself. Be my own Mother Nature.

I should probably tell you that last year around Easter I went to the store and bought cartons of wheatgrass. Not to juice. Heavens no. Although I did feel really healthy just buying it. No, the true intent behind such a purchase was strictly decorational and mood adjustinal . It was alive and bright and green. Everything the real outside was currently not. And since I fail when it comes to keeping real plants alive in my home, this was the next best thing.

So I plopped that greenery into a festive springish pot and displayed for all to enjoy. Clever. I know. I really helped some people out that Easter I think.

Imagine my surprise when I read on multiple blogs this past month that wheatgrass is the hot Spring/Easter decoration of 2011. As usual I am about one year ahead of my time.

I decided to step it up this this year though and grow the grass myself, from seed, if you can believe it. You guys, I have wheatgrass growing in almost every freaking room of the house. And it makes me so happy that I go around taking pictures of it. That is NOT weird.
I do fear though that visitors will think there is something really strange going on in my house when they see a pot of wheatgrass on the table, a planter of wheatgrass on the counter, and then when they have to go to the bathroom . . . BAM! more wheatgrass in their face.
And just when they think they can't be cheered up any more . . . wheatgrass on another table as they walk out the door!
And all I can think to say to them is, "You're welcome."

You're welcome.

Now my friends, I sincerely hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with some sort of sign that spring is here and not going away.

I for one will be reveling in all my wheatgrass, and attending to that giant bag of Cadbury Minis.

P.S. I simply must say hello new followers! Hello new commenters! Hello new likers! And of course hello to all you old guys too! I love seeing your little internet faces (or symbols that say you are a human and probably have a face).


Kristina P. said...

YOu are so before your time! I have a thing of fake wheatgrass I guess.

The redhead said...

You should try the real thing. It's real earthy.

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