Portraits of Yesteryear: Please Christmas, don't be late

Alright. I’ll admit it. When I unearthed that photo of the Husband swinging his hips to and fro, I also found one of me doing the very same activity. We must have been really bored that Friday night, or really broke. Maybe both.

So in the spirit of matrimonial bliss, I’ll share mine with you as this week’s portrait of yesteryear. If I’ve learned anything after six years of marriage it’s that you can’t embarrass your spouse without also being willing to embarrass yourself. I have obviously mastered this essential quality.
circa 2003

This is when I was young and spry, still had spring to my curls, and hadn’t birthed any children yet. But I think if given the opportunity I could still rock a hula hoop.

I have to say though that my form and technique are superior to that of the Husband’s, but not nearly as cute and endearing.


Kristina P. said...

You are clearly a hula hoop master.

The redhead said...

Thank you. Thank you also for, in such a subtle way, letting me know that I've been misspelling hula. I've got to go fix all of them now.

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