Portraits of Yesteryear: Me, I want a hula hoop

Lucky for me, what Bubba has is not contagious. Unlucky for him, he is one big ball of unhappiness. Apparently cruising at an altitude of 30,000 feet can make some people’s ears angry and hostile. And here I thought the only side effects to flying were a sore arse and a topsy turvy stomach. It appears I was wrong.

Well, as I attempt to soothe my baby back into the bubbly boy he usually is and meditate on the pros and cons of antibiotics, I’ll make this post brief.

I’m going to hearken back to the series I titled Portraits of Yesteryear. And the subject of course will be the Husband.

Did you know that we (the Husband and I) have an anniversary coming up? Well we do. The anniversary of the day we were joined as one, the very same day I stuffed cake in his face even though I told him I wouldn’t. That was the first day he realized I was a liar. I prefer to say fibber though. And I only fib about things that require an element of surprise. Cake in the face for example.

Did you also know that the very same man I committed matrimony with will be absent on said upcoming anniversary? Well he his. He’s going to be in something called a canoe, floating down something called a river. I’m not even going to pretend to understand it. But nevertheless, that is what he will be doing. I’m actually fine with this. He needs to spend time with people of the male variety. At home he’s surrounded by . . . HEY! Wait a minute! At home he is surrounded by males. I’m the loner around here, not him.

I think I’ll go on strike . . . just as soon as he gets back. I’m expecting one very long, romantic, unbridled, passionate love letter from you dear Husband that you can write while row row rowing your boat, or I walk! (to the nearest slushie vendor).

Anyway, behold my man, with a hula hoop circa 2003:
We were dating at the time. And yes I thought it was sexy. He let his hips do the talking. I think this picture is probably why I married him. And I’m sharing it with all of you because I’m a fibber and told him I wouldn’t. Surprise!

Are you surprised Husband? I mean really. Are you surprised after all these years? If so, I'm doing a great job at keeping things fresh.


Clare said...

Our #6 today! I didn't even think about it until this weekend. I asked Clint yesterday what day it would be today. It took a minute before the light bulb clicked on. I think we'll get pizza today.

Aubry Macbean said...

Our's is coming up this week. I have book club that evening and asked Brian if he wanted me toskip it. He said no. He has a have day and wanted to do something in the afternoon rather then the evening. Mostly because the Buds is still nursing and wakes up at odd hours quite angry if he doesn't get his bedtime feeding.

Aubry Macbean said...

I really shouldn't coment when I have two children on my lap. Causes too many spelling and grammer mistakes. Half day not have day.

Sherri said...

Happy Anniversary! You gotta love a man who is confident enough in his manliness to hula hoop in front of a camera....and you gotta love his blogging wife who posts it! Too funny...

The redhead said...

Congrats to you Clare and Aubry. You've got me beat by about a week. Cheers to number #6!

And Aubry I never would have even attempted to type with two kids on my lap. At least you tried. Bonus mommy points for you.

Sherri-Thank you! I have no shame as I'm sure you noticed.

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