I've hit my winter wall

I know I am thick in the middle of the winter doldrums when I let my kids watch PBS Kid shows for the better part of the morning, and I am singing “GO, GO, GO, GO on an adventure” right along with them. But really PBS Kids is hardly television. It’s interactive preschool. Let’s just call it like it is and be grateful that it exists, especially during these germ-ridden, claustrophobic, barren winter months.

Like I said, doldrums.
{One or the other always ends up being the human pillow. Thank you Sesame Street for bringing my sons closer.}

There is, of course, another sign that I’ve reached my quota of all things harsh and desolate, and that is when I start laughing uncontrollably at things that are not really deserving of such long-winded chortles.

For example, the following conversation between father and son gave my stomach muscles a nice workout:

Bosco: Daddy, what animal starts with the letter ‘A’?

Husband: Ummm, antelope.

Bosco: Daddy, I said what animal starts with the letter ‘A’?

Husband: Antelope.

Bosco: Daddy! What animal starts with the letter ‘A’?

Husband: Antelope!

Bosco: Um, Daddy, I don’t think you can hear what I’m saying. (Gets up and walks over to the Husband.) I said what animal starts with the letter ‘A’?!

Okay, actually that was pretty hilarious. Made me laugh all over again. Maybe that means spring is on the horizon. Maybe.

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