Blogging slumps are a normal symptom of aging; just treat with plenty of rest and water.

By joe I’ve been a bad blogger as of late!

I was just reminiscing on the days when I posted five times a week. Man those were crazy, crazy times. My mind was consumed by what the next day’s silly post was going to be about. Because they always were and are very silly posts. That is what I've built my empire upon! And I kept that routine up for a respectable portion of a year. I have to give myself props on that. Woot, woot.

But that semi-insane burning desire can only last so long before your brain decides it’s probably more important to sleep, or before cohorts are able to tempt you into doing other savory or unsavory things that simply leave no time for pouring your soul out on the internets.

So then it becomes three posts a week, then sometimes two, and now you folks are just right out giddy if it’s once a week. Right? Well I am indeed flattered. And I have every intention of keeping my blogging spark alive, even if it is a very little, unreliable, fickle, distracted, yet determined spark.

And as a token of my dedication, last week when my youngest son decided to spread the contents of his poopy diaper over the entirety of his body and his room, my first thought before I had to put the whole second floor on fecal lockdown was to take a picture. For you. Because I figured you would care. But while I knew you would care, you also wouldn’t want to see it. So I put the camera down. For you. Then took a more presentable picture later that still illustrated the streak of naughtiness that glimmers in the deepest recesses of his eyes and resonates in every crevice of his pursed lips.
Basically what I'm saying is stay tuned. More silliness is sure to make it onto this blog.

But what with my oldest starting kindergarten this year, the value of gold, and the happenings in Greece, it might just be the end of the world. So really what does it matter?*

*This sentence was added for rambling purposes.

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