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I’m not really a doer or a believer in New Year’s resolutions. I’m just as likely to procrastinate on my goals in January as I am in October so why make a big guilty to-do about it.
And if there are life changes I need to make then surely I shouldn’t be saving them up for the start of a new year. I should resolve to tackle them right then and there, even if I am in the heated throes of July. This is all in theory of course. I’ll do a follow-up post when and if I take my own advice.

But I do have a sort of New Year’s ritual though, that I find really does do wonders for me all year long. January 1st (or somewhere’s in that general time period) is usually reserved for buying half-priced calendars. I find that it’s hardly ever a bad idea to know what day it is. And there’s something satisfying about turning the page at month’s end. Like a, “Hey, I made it.” And a, “How old am I again?” Really gets my serotonin level up you know?

Anyway, this year for "the office" I chose a lovely collection of Japanese woodblock prints, and in doing so had an unexpected confrontation with my inner self. I think it was just a coincidence that it happened in January though.
When I approached the young man at the check out counter, I told him I was ready to make a purchase and he said, “Are you sure?” Apparently he was a mind reader who loved to torture passersby. I paused and wondered if I should have gone with the Monet prints instead. I answered him briskly, “No I’m not sure. But I’m getting this one anyway.” Take that indecisiveness!

The cashier seemed disappointed in my choice. Perhaps he thought the Kittens in Teacups would have better suited me, but instead he changed the subject and commented on the music playing over the store’s speakers. At the precise time that I was subconsciously humming along in my head to the Frank Sinatra and probably even discreetly tapping my toe, he asked me, “How do you like this music? I sure didn’t pick it.” My antithesis! Placed right before me! I replied, “Oh, what would you pick instead?” sure that he would reply with something like Metallica. “Oh I don’t know. Probably the Eagles.”(???) Then he somehow segued into talking about France is a sarcastic tone and it took a mighty effort not to roll my eyes. But I was triumphant. Take that inability to act mature in tense situations!

As the Husband and I left the store, I let that eye roll fly. Then I told the Husband that I rather enjoyed the store’s music. He agreed. Take that fear of opposing views and being the odd one out! I also told him France was my dream vacation. The Husband remained silent on that one.

Like I said before, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but maybe the year 2012 is trying to hint at a few things that need a little attention. How else can I explain meeting my own real-life foil character?

P.S. Lest my mother think of me as an abomination, I like the Eagles just fine. But as calendar shopping music? Please.


Aubry Macbean said...

Who doesn't like old blue eyes. That kid sure doesn't know a good thing when he hears it.

The redhead said...

The sad thing was, I can't be entirely sure he wasn't about my same age...

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