Dear Tree, You were a tough old bird. The best one we've had yet.

I had this lovely, touching little post all set in my mind to write, explaining my thoughts and feelings as to why our Christmas tree was still alive and well and still giving off magic in my living room, even after doing so for well over a month, even without being watered for nearly two weeks.
I believed it to be because our tree had yet to see any snow glistening outside the window. There had been absolutely NO snowfall, which was surely uncommon and a little bit saddening. Even I can admit that.

My well thought out post then continued on about this being the main reason why I couldn’t bring myself to take down the tree, because while it’s been with us there hasn’t been a trace of a white Christmas. So taking the tree down while it was still fresh and oh so patiently waiting seemed like a travesty indeed, like depriving a twelve year-old girl of a training bra. Just all wrong and mean. This was the justification I was using anyway, never mind the fact that this argument of ‘trees holding on and hoping for snow’ would have no legs in places like California, Florida, the equator, Mordor . . . yadda, yadda, yadda.

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it didn’t go and snow before I had time to write out that post of mine that promised to be one of my best, which I only summarized briefly here! 
It was a meager amount of snow for sure, but apparently it was enough to satisfy our tree because overnight it done checked off the last thing on its bucket list and gave up the ghost. Needles everywhere.

I guess instead I could write about how my theory was actually correct. Too prideful of a post I suppose? Or about how it’s a sad day in our house when the tree comes down. All the barren space, all the back pain. But who would want to read a depressing post like that?

Is your tree still up? Only respond if it's good news please.


Kristina P. said...

I guess it was finally it's time. It has other work to do.

The redhead said...

Yeah, like fill up a dumpster...

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