Absolutely Guaranteed to Grow

If there’s one thing I know how to do it’s take a vacation. I love to shirk responsibilities, in a responsible holiday sort of way, any chance I can get! I did practically nothing besides try to enjoy myself for two whole weeks.

Somehow I even got Mother Loops to do my laundry for me, without really asking her. Oh, and all the Wii dancing action deserves a mention. I was sore for days. Days! Though I did take breaks every once and awhile to feed the kids. They deserve it, even though the holidays and all the gift receiving had rather undesirable side effects that can only be described as “Ugh”. I can hardly blame them though. It is rather abnormal to suddenly get everything you wanted, one day of the year, and then be expected to SHARE! And then be expected to not start sentences with the words: but, no, why, me, candy. 

Anyway, I do hope everyone had the merriest of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Finally it’s 2012 which is great because I’ve been writing 2012 on my checks for the past twelve or so months. Yes, all three of those checks I wrote.

Starting a new year is always a little perplexing and maddening for me because January usually coincides with the time I have no desire to do anything and yet the strong desire to do everything. I don’t really work things out in my brain and hit any sort of stride until late March.

So, eventually I'll have lots of riveting* things to share and discuss if I can remember what those things are. But other matters require my attention at the moment so give me 4-6 days. Maybe even 7, depending on water temperature!
Tally ho!


P.S. If you're into Instagram, let's be buddies. You can find me under ramblingsarah or @00red (that's double zero red just to be sure :)

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