Gratitude: In 15 Minutes or Less

The first 5 minutes

Me: Ok Bosco. We've got to go somewhere. I need you to get dressed.
Bosco: (Walking towards me slow motion) Well, I'm a sloth right now. A sloth is a monkey-ish animal that hangs from trees.
Me: I know what a sloth is, but I more surprised that you know. Okay Sloth, I need you to get dressed.
Bosco: Okay Mommy Sloth, but you know since I'm a sloth this will take an extra long time. Like 2000 minutes probably.
Me: Ugh

The next five minutes:

Me: Bosco! I hope you're getting dressed!
Bosco: (running towards me at lightning speed) No time! I'm a cheetah! Cheetahs are so fast you can barely see them when they pass! (running away from me at cheetah speed)
Me: Argh

Another five minutes:

Me: Okay we have to leave now! Get dressed!
Bosco: (donning a cape and sword) Okay Princess, I'll get right on that. I'm a prince ya know. And a prince always listens to the princess. It's his job.
Me: Oh. Ok. Sounds nice.
Bosco: And you should say thank you. I just saved you from an evil witch (proceeds to put on his clothes).
Me: Uhh, thanks, Prince.

:::Today I'm particularly grateful for sloths and tigers, because without them I would probably fail to realize and appreciate how great it is when the Prince decides to show up and rescue a damsel in distress.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all those Thanksgiving celebrators out there! Have fun getting your tryptophan on. I know I will.
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