I'm not kidding, about any of this.

It’s official. I have now had the same pimple for over a month. Same place, same degree of pestilence. Ever vigilant and ever glaring.
{Sketch artist's depiction}

I hold candy mostly responsible. But then again those winds coming in from the north are hardly blameless in this.

If you see me, be sure to point out the monstrosity and ask me, “Didn’t you have that during Halloween and maybe even Columbus Day?” I love to have conversations like this. I really do because it shows that people pay attention to me and pretty much love me with their whole heart and soul. I’ll take some of that any day. Then maybe you could follow up with a comment on how adorably pixie my feet are, and also point out that my age spots are looking mighty visible these days, and even mention all the hair repositioning happening on  my face and how it’s obvious the war is on like Donkey Kong. Then, if you really want to make me giddy, tell me that it looks like I've recovered nicely  from the whole falling off the toilet thing over four years ago. That would solidify your true bosom friend status in my eyes.

Just, whatever you do, don’t point out The Pimple, touch "IT", and declare "IT" as having reached mole status. The Husband already made that mistake.

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