The more my clothes feel invisible the better

Listen. I know I should try harder to get out of my pajamas everyday, but I just don’t see the point. Right now I am in a unique and quickly dissolving situation wherein I stay at home with two boys who are not yet in school, so the majority of the time I don’t NEED to be anywhere that would require presentable clothing. I feel I would be doing myself a great disservice if I didn’t use this time wisely. Wisely, as in comfortably.

Sometimes I will switch from the clothes I slept in to comfort clothes, so it’s not like I’m totally horrible. And let me just point out that there is a difference between pajamas and comfort clothes. Pajamas are strictly for sleeping, or pretending to sleep. Comfort clothes, however, are clothes that are soft and flexible enough to sleep in should such an event occur, but they can also double as day clothes should you need to step outside your front door briefly and unashamedly. No doubt the observant neighbor is familiar with my comfort clothes.

Oh sure there are little things here and there that require more effort. Doctor’s appointments, errands, secret rendezvous. For these I slap on a pair of pants or what have you. Put on a bra and shirt and make a go of it. But do you know what I do usually within the first thirty minutes of getting home? I put back on my pajama pants or comfort clothes.

That’s just how it is.
And that’s probably why yesterday I discovered 95% of these clothes have holes in them. The majority being in the backside region.

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