Portraits of Yesteryear: Just a couple of old, white, boring, married birds

The picture below is brought to you courtesy of the year 2011 and the state of Hawaii. I know this hardly qualifies as ‘yesteryear,’ but it seems the only other portraits I can find right now are highly embarrassing ones of the husband or me getting tipsy off sparkling apple cider. And who would want to see that? No one I’m sure.

Anyway, I share this picture as an excuse to also share the fact that when the Husband and I left our kids and flew to an island, we used that precious time alone wisely. For example, we scouted and hunted for all the places they filmed the TV series LOST. It just seemed like the morally correct thing to do, if we claimed ourselves true fans.
{circa 2011}

Here we are in a place determined by us to be an authentic Jack Ran Somewhere Around Here Beach. You are probably asking/exclaiming, "Is it really?!" To which I say, “Never doubt me fellow nerd!”

So there you have it. Us traipsing about in palm trees and sand and sun, having a jolly old time. Eating shrimp and pineapple and such, thinking it would be great to come back in ten years when we are forty. Or maybe one year, when we are thirty-one. But would you believe that the rental property manager revealed unto me that when she first saw us she thought we were a couple of high school students who ran off to Hawaii (all romantic, forbidden love, and sinner like). You should have seen her face when I told her how old we really were, that we were married, that I had in fact birthed two children, and had stretch marks to prove it (a far less compelling version). Dumbfounded she was.

I think the only thing that shocked her more was how pale I still was when we checked out.

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