Cold feet from here on out

Today I put socks on my dainty little feet. Socks. I had to. Because there was snow on the mountains which meant the weatherman was right. Winter’s breath was upon us (before I’d even decorated for Halloween).
That’s a hard thing for me to deal with since I don’t like anyone’s breath on me, especially if I can see that breath.

The boys also are not dealing well with the arrival of icy temperatures. I unearthed their socks, pants, and other winter wear from storage and told them to say goodbye to bare feet and shorts. They just stared at me. Apparently they have forgotten what the next six (possibly eight) months have in store for us.
I told Bosco to put his pants on and he asked, “You want me to put these on?” like it was stuff and nonsense. It’s been so long since he last wore them that they came up to his calves. He tried to bend his knees and finding them to be too constricted by fabric, he started whining.

And as I slipped pants over Bubba’s legs, he just began moaning, “Noooo, noooo, noooo, noooo.” Apparently this child has come of age during the summer months, and pants are a mystery to him. A mystery to be feared. As are socks. The minute he ran onto the tiled floor with his newly covered feet, he was slip sliding his way to a face plant.

This is going to be a long winter my friends.

Is it time for Girl Scout cookies yet?


Rainee said...

Hmmm girl scout cookies!! Yeah it had gotten cold here too!! But hasn't snowed yet. Idaho snowed just barely!

The redhead said...

It's gonna be 70 in five days. I keep saying this over and over again to myself.

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