Friday Confessions: In case you were wondering

Update on that crucial situation mentioned last week: The book is finished. I enjoyed it on an entertainment level, but I must admit, those first couple chapters had me in a panic. Dicey I tell ya. I didn’t expect it to take me so long to get in the groove. But by the time Harry was at Hogwarts it was relatively smooth sailing from there. I even found myself reading the book in a British accent, in my head of course. I assume everyone does this though with books set in English territory, and sometimes even when they're not. So nothing strange there. I plan to continue the series, mostly because I hate unfinished business.

I guess this didn’t turn out to be as controversial as I feared/hoped so how about a couple more confessions?

Fine. I confess that when I start reading a book I always begin by reading the first sentence of the book (obviously). Then I turn to the end and read the last sentence of the book. Then I proceed with everything in between. I do this every time. I don’t know when or why this started. I just do it. And will never stop. It has yet to ruin the story or give away crucial info. In fact all it does for me is create a sense of intrigue. I love intrigue!

For example: In 1815 Monsieur Charles-François-Bienvenu Myriel was Bishop of Digne . . . La chose simplement d’elle-même arriva, comme la nuit se fait lorsque le jour s’en va.

See. Magical.

Or how about: I’d never given much thought to how I would die . . . into the fevered eyes of six suddenly ravenous vampires.

I have to read that book! Right?

Anyway. There you have it.

I would also like to confess that I found a sopping wet $7.25 in the washer today, still intact praise be.
It doesn’t belong to me I know but I’m drying it most carefully then putting it in my wallet to keep. That’s what cash carriers get when they don’t empty their pockets Husband.

Good weekend to you all! I certainly plan to what with this money burning a hole in my pocket. A big ol' hole.


The Pizza Family said...

$7.25 Thats a couple burgers at IN AND OUT!

The redhead said...

... More like a few at In-N-Out or ONE at Smashburger:)

Rainee said...

hmmm In N Out...miss that place. Sounds like you are enjoying the Harry Potter first book. :)

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