Can I ever wear this shirt again? I'm in a quandary.

Nothing can quite describe the feeling a gal gets when she has taken extra care to feel and look fun and feminine (while avoiding the skank look) by going out and buying a new blouse that she feels expresses herself, but then one day when she is perusing StarTracks on people.com, like many people are apt to do when they have done absolutely everything else they needed and could possibly think of doing plus a lot of things that matter and will probably change the world for the better, yes, after those things are done she looks at celebrities on the internet and discovers that her fancy feminine clothes can also be worn by men. Particularly celebrity men like Ashton Kutcher.

Flattered? Insulted? Pukey? Curious? Insecure? Does he fill it out better? Disgusted? Happy? Bothered? Soulmate? Kindred spirits? A mistake? Does he know those are flowers? Are they flowers or abstract warthogs? Identity crisis? Sweaty? What the?

Nope. Nothing can quite describe it.


Kristina P. said...

Oh my gosh. I am literally laughing out loud. That. Is. Awesome.

You know who should be wearing it? Ashton Kutcher, that's who. Is he channeling Fabio? What is going on in that picture!

I think there was a shot of P Diddy wearing a woman's shirt that was fresh off the runway.

The Atomic Mom said...

It's like that one episode of The Office, where Michael wears a woman's suit he got out of a bargain bin. Ashton Kutcher is a cross dresser! haha

And yes, wear it again, you look way better in it than him! :)

Rainee said...

He could be gay! :) LOL



Rachel said...

Um . . . yeah . . . speechless!

Wear it again. It looks good on you. Ashton should be the one who's embarrassed. Wearing a woman's shirt. Shame, shame Mr. Kutcher!

The redhead said...

Kristina-people.com said he was doing a photo shoot, but I think photogs just caught him being himself.

A. Mom- Exactly my thoughts . . . and thank you.

Rainee- one never knows

Aubrey-me thought so too

Rachel-someone let the sleeves out for him. Mine are ruffled. So this was definitely a bold move on his part...and thank you.

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