This could be the post that makes me famous.

There's a slight chance some of you are wondering what I'm up to.

Well, I'm actually quite engaged in multiple activities that are testing my mental and physical strength.

There are the hair experiments. These really have my wheels turning.
So far my hypothesis is this: Once your hair starts aging, there is no modern technique or product that can make your follicles time travel ten years into the past.

Thus far my scientific studies are proving this conjecture correct. It's all making me feel rather smart.

And when I'm not looking like a wackadoo with things in my hair, I'm planning The Party That Will Make Me a Major Contender for Mother of the Year.

Let's just say there is a spacesuit involved and hand painted planets that will carefully be flung into orbit (in my living room). 
It will either be pure awesomeness for everyone in attendance, or just totally 'bantastic' for the kid who is turning four and thinks that anything including a rocket ship is 'bantastic.' Either way, I'm insane but motivated, a worthwhile combination. 

I am in a bit of a quandary though. Heretofore my plans had been to label the drink dispenser "ROCKET FUEL" because I'm clever like that, and totally love doing unnecessary things that will only be appreciated by me (or some other insane parent) because the kids themselves can't even read. But then I had this dream that my rocket fuel label instilled in some of the children the desire to consume fuel, and to think that was totally normal and acceptable because they had done it at some kid's birthday party. And then I went to hell. It was a weird dream.

Anyway, what do you think?


Bonnie said...

I think you are just as crazy as I am, which is why I am such a fan of your blog.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Kristina P. said...

It probably means you are pregnant.

The redhead said...

Bonnie- What is that saying? Crazy birds flock together?

Kristina- Oh gosh. Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.

The Atomic Mom said...

My hair started going down hill in my 30s. It's jumped off the cliff now that I've had a baby.

The Pizza Family said...

I am so there! I have been craving some rocket fuel....

Rainee said...

I think we're all cuckoo in our own unique way. That's what makes it more interesting.

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