Perhaps I should have been born in England. That makes more sense.

My, my what a memorable weekend that was.

Well first you had that whole regal affair to attend to, as I did most assuredly. Some people woke up early. Not me. I didn't even bother to go to sleep. Coverage began at 2 AM (which is generally my bedtime if I'm being honest) and it just didn't stop from there. All night long. So I went to bed around 5 AM and felt surprisingly energetic during the day. Royal weddings apparently pump me full of adrenaline and magic dust.

Then there was the whole "headache for two days straight" debacle. One word. No, two words: sinus pressure. I suffered mostly in silence. Mostly silent meaning no more than five whines per day. 

And then there was breaking news, special reports, a presidential address. You'd think that would be the topper.

But no. To top it all off, I finally got to relax and watch the ever enjoyable Lark Rise to Candleford, because I'm heartily in favor of anything with a British accent.

You might think this post is done. Not yet! While I was watching said PBS programming, one of the show's characters (a redhead mind you) said the following words:

Whenever I hear a man with grand intentions I brace myself for trouble.

The Husband happened to overhear this and for a split second mistakenly thought I had said it in my best British accent and had suddenly acquired wit. So of course he laughed at the exact same time I laughed because that quote could seriously be the STORY OF MY LIFE with him and my sons.*
{I want to be a firefighter. No a bunny! No, a firefighter bunny! Your Easter basket is on fire!}

A TV show based (somewhat) on my life! As my great-grandmother would say, "If that doesn't beat all."

So yeah. This weekend was memorable for a lot of reasons.

*Since I've known the Husband he has voiced an interest in being the following: rocket scientist, nuclear engineer, comedian, apple farmer, mechanic, actor, rockstar, economist, trucker, train engineer or train conductor, politician, surfer. And these are just the ones my meager memory can recall.


Kristina P. said...

My husband has the firefighter part down. I have been trying to get him to wear a Snuggie with his uniform, to no avail.

The redhead said...

The snuggle would put a new twist on things.

The redhead said...

The snuggle would put a new twist on things.

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