A line from What About Bob is usually my go-to source for titles when I'm drawing a blank. How about "A vacation from my problems"

Hello neglected blog! My sincere apologies for leaving you in such a pitiful state. The family and I were out traipsing around a good chunk of America for two weeks, visiting family and what not.

I’ll spare you readers a day-by-day synopsis and just say we had a lovely Christmas and New Years. This pretty much sums it up:
That blurry figure in the front is the excited  aura of Bosco

And also for the record, travelling with a redhead, her husband, and two rapscallion boys in a non-van or SUV vehicle makes for all sorts of rash ultimatums to be made and a plentiful amount of neck and back pain to accrue. We’re all recovering nicely though from our travel wounds.

Except for that large bump I have on my forehead head after hitting it on my parents’ treadmill . . . that one still hurts (sounds funnier than it actually was so I won’t expound).

So aside from our interesting travels where we trekked through about four different climates,
managed to have our gas tank overflow with copious amounts of fuel at a Chevron (bad pump), had to deal with a kid who is now potty trained and couldn’t just go poo in a diaper, had to pull over because our hood wasn’t closed all the way, thought our car was smoking, FOG, had a kid get scared at the top of a McDonald’s playhouse and scream bloody murder for us to come get him, COLD, gave and received awesome gifts, I got my dream boots!, kids got spoiled rotten delicious, FOOD, had a stranger ask me where I got my dream boots (that's never happened to me in my life!), had two different highway patrol cars tail us,  most likely running our plates and coming up with nothing, then driving off, and where the Husband decided to use this vacation as an excuse to start growing a beard . . . (I told him if he kept it I was going to blog about it. Apparently this did not sound appealing to him because he shaved it off before I could get a picture.)

. . . yeah aside from all that I really have nothing to talk about.

Oh and where are my manners? Happy 2011! I didn’t make any resolutions yet because I never do and because it’s hard for me to think of something I’m resolute about. No worries though. Something always comes along that gets me all fiery and motivated. Last January it was this blog. Perhaps this year it will be something more self-involved and narcissistic, like lying about my age. Or maybe something that will benefit humanity, like ridding the world of gremlins.

And you? Got resolutions?


Kristina P. said...

I think we need to see a picture of these dream boots!

Bonnie said...

I love "What About Bob?" It's such a great movie and so quotable.

P.S. Those trees are pretty. :)


The redhead said...

Kristina-Coming soon to a post near you

Bonnie- "Is this corn hand shucked?"

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