Have you ever had thoughts, important thoughts?

Have you ever noticed how LeanCuisine meals seem to always go on sale at the beginning of the year . . . just in time for people with weighty resolutions, or for people who have vowed to eat more food from the frozen section?

No? You've never noticed this? Yeah me neither. I don't eat that stuff, except for YES I DO (when it is on sale), not really because it's supposed to be healthful, but because it's fast and actually delish-ish for frozen food.
This is not a paid advertisement, but anyone out there associated with LeanCuisine, a large supply of your product dropped off at my doorstep would not go under-appreciated. Case in point:  I ate two today because I was hungry and, let's be honest, the serving sizes on these suckers are well suited for a mouse or a nymph. However, I am not a mouse or a nymph despite popular belief. But I am hungry, and lazy. You win.

Also, on a semi-related food thought, have you ever considered throwing out some rank, rotten leftovers along with the container because you'd rather mourn the loss of a cute bowl than have to contemplate cleaning it out, or dare I say even open the lid? Yeah me too.

And while I'm in such an inquisitive mood, have you ever let your mind play around with the idea of leaving the Christmas decorations up until more April like months, seeing as how Christmas is over but winter is not?
Crafty with yarn? Me too! Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

Just wondering, for no reason at all. If you have, that is a really strange thought to have apparently. People might not want to be your friend if they find out about it.


Kristina P. said...

I have found that those new Healthy Choice steamers are good and hearty.

Bonnie said...

If a food container is full of gross, nasty, disgusting things that I cannot even look at for fear of vomiting all over the kitchen/refrigerator/floor, then, yes, I throw the container out without a second thought. If this happens at home, I don't tell my fiance. "No, honey, I have no idea what happened to that bowl of yours."
I used to eat Lean Cuisines, SmartOnes, or Healthy Choice meals before evening classes because they were quick and easy to heat in the office, but I was hungry again after literally an hour. Mr. A doesn't let me bring them to work anymore because they don't fill me up. He cooks for me instead, which is a much preferred alternative.


Sara Louise said...

I am guilty of throwing out a container or two (or a few) rather than going through the whole terrible cleaning process. I'm desperate to find Gladware in France, don't feel as guilty throwing out Gladware as I do if it's regular tupperware

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