Please Christmas don't be late.

Since Christmas Day is almost upon us, I thought it appropriate to take a little mental snapshot of the state of my home at this very moment, an end of the year holiday inventory if you will.

-Our Christmas tree is dead. Like touch the needles and shards of pine will embed deep into your skin dead. Completely dry and sullen looking. This is to be expected though when some crazy person insists on getting a real tree and getting it the first day of December. No worries though. The ornaments and lights disguise its lifelessness well enough. I am, however, worried about spontaneous combustion. That would be a sad state of affairs for all involved.

-My skin is dry. Perhaps this can be linked back to the Christmas tree.

-I made/asked the Husband to bring in some old tree limbs, for decoration purposes of course. He said a cat had probably peed on it. He's probably right. But it looks so dang festive I don't care. And it was free.

-Bubba will only eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with the occasional consumption of treats from the advent calendar.

-Bosco's musical talents have reached new horizons, thanks in part to Christmas songs. We've had the pleasure of hearing Jingle Bells at least fifty times, first line only of course, followed by mumbo jumbo, followed by putting his entire life to music. I have a truck . . . not just any truck. It's a truck that does not give off poopy yuckiness. It picks up trash instead. And look! My mommy is cooking dinner for me. I will not eat the trees (broccoli). Singing all of this, mind you. And I've come to realize even more now that I did indeed give birth to the male version of me. Also, I've started to wonder how, after raising me, my parents can still manage coherent thoughts despite their exposure to my own daily barrage of singing.

-There's mistletoe (fake) hanging in an entryway. To be honest, I should have put it in a less frequently used hallway because my lips are always chapped this time of year.

- There's nearly a foot of fresh snow outside and just in time for my snow cone craving.

- 2:00 A.M. has become my new bedtime.

- Presents have been wrapped and stuffed in the closet with an average amount of care. Although, there may be a few gifts I have yet to find because I've forgotten my hiding places. I always wondered how my mother could just plum forget about a present and then find it in February. After spending nearly an hour looking for the whereabouts of the Husband's present and on the verge of hysteria, now I know how something like that can happen. No need to worry though. The Husband found his present right where I had forgot I left it.

-Our carpet is in desperate need of cleaning after the holidays are over. This became apparent when I spot cleaned a few places and now they stick out like a clean thumb. I'm thinking about going over the spots again with dirt just to get the uniform look back. It's seriously driving me nutso.

-I've gained one pound and couldn't be happier about it. I'm stocking up for the cold winter months ahead. Thank you holiday treats.

And now my friends, perhaps you should do the same. I shall see you in the new year! Merry Christmas from this particular redhead and her gang.
My sister said we look freakishly tall in this pic. Nearly the size of a barn! I figured something like that doesn't happen to me everyday so I need to spread the falsehood while I can.

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Kristina P. said...

That is such a beautiful picture! Love the sun.

I got a carpet cleaning coupon on Groupon that I will definitely be using after the holidays!

Merry Christmas!

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