Mother's Day Recap

So how was everyone’s Mother’s Day? Full of fun, frolic, and food I hope. As for me and my house, it was quite a pleasant weekend. The list I conjured up for Mother’s Day seems to have had the desired effect. The Husband actually does read my blog. Who knew? I counted roughly seven things from the list that were in my possession by the end of the day. In my world, that is major success. I plan on doing a list for these sorts of things from now on. Here’s a sampling:

And there were even bonuses that I never thought to put on the list like a humongo Elmo card. What mother doesn’t want that?! So dear. I shall keep it forever.
Also, a totally fattening dinner out. I glugged down my fancy drink while the Husband ate Bubba’s toes, and Bosco tried really hard to avoid being in a picture with his mommy. If it looks like I just kept trying anyway, that's because I did.
I called my mom who I will endearingly refer to as Mother Loops. Apparently I’m one of the funniest daughters she has because she laughed at everything I said, even the stuff that was genuinely not intended to incite laughter, like when I told her Bosco burnt his hand on the grill. In her defense, she said she didn’t hear that part so I’ll have to believe her. I must admit though, Mother Loops laughs at pretty much anything. She’s a must-have at a party. If you’re not funny, just try your jokes out on my mom and she’ll make you feel better about yourself. Mother told me she thought my blog was funny, and that I needed to not make it too funny or she’d wet her pants. I told her I was putting that quote on my blog. She said no way. She didn’t want people thinking she wets her pants. Fine. Okay. My mother does not wet her pants. But she might if I make this blog too funny. So I’m gonna try real hard to do just that.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m off to have a Klondike Bar. Tune in tomorrow when I recount the April Fool’s joke I played on the Husband.

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Rachel said...

Just catching up on my reading and I finished off the last of the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I was only supposed to have a couple bites . . . but I ate it all. I blame you for that! :)

Thanks for your entertaining posts. I hope Mother Loops makes it through this post with dry pants!

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