Let's see. What do I want?

List of things I wouldn’t mind being in possession of on Mother’s Day. Not necessarily in order of importance or probability.

-Bouquet of dahlias

-A freshly de-knotted back

-Two tickets to paradise (Please note Husband that this does not mean the Grand Canyon. I am thinking something more like Paris . . . Ireland . . . Hawaii. Thank you.)

-A new haircut to disguise the wispy mommy fringe that is starting to grow in, now that my hair isn’t falling out in clumps anymore
-A dress from Shabby Apple

-A fly swatter. How is it that I don’t own one already?

-A house that smells like cookies instead of pee, poop, and potty chair.

-One hour of silence (meaning everyone else needs to get out of the house) I’ll use this time to take a bubble bath with my neglected bottle of Midnight Pomegranate, while listening to things like the soundtrack from Gattaca. Am I a nerd?

-All the trash cans in my house emptied, including the ever growing Heap of Tissues

-Anything that includes these two words together in unison: Dove, chocolate.

-A dress from DownEast Basics
-A happy all day Bosco

-A chunky loving all day Bubba

-The kind, attentive, and otherwise lovely version of the Husband

-Shrimp on the barbie

-A yo-yo

-Hugs and kisses from everyone I know . . . okay not everyone

-Klondike Bar. What would I do? A lot of things.

-Spick and span kitchen and bathrooms . . . and living room . . . and bedrooms

-Complete and total contentment


Rainee said...

Those are very good list!

Kath said...

Really! Is there ANYTHING that chocolate can't make "all better"? Hope the Dove lands in your house this Mother's Day!

The redhead said...

Kath-I took your question seriously and tried to think of a situation that chocolate couldn't soothe. I thought about it for like five minutes, and the only thing I could come up with was if I lost my sense of taste. But even then, my body would still be happy even if my mouth wasn't.

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