Gators don't sweat

I’m going to be honest. I devoted the time I usually spend writing this blog to watching hours of LOST finale specials instead. It sort of made the perfectionist in me feel guilty. And since it would drive me crazy to miss a post, here’s some more stuff that made me feel guilty today:

That ice cream I devoured around midnight. Okay and the potato chips too.

Cursing under my breath after I turned on a light and the bulb busted and burned out, scaring the hoo-ha out of me

Giving Bosco some “be quiet chocolate” so I could talk to a few people on the phone

Used the special Stamp Out Hunger bag my friendly postman left me, and filled it with Bubba’s dirty diapers instead of non-perishable food

Dancing and singing along to Gangster’s Paradise with Bosco . . . and really enjoying it

Holding my pee for two hours when a toilet was only ten steps away

Continuing to buy bags of grapes even though we never finish them before the grapes get all shriveled.

Telling Bosco to stop whining like a baby, then realizing he had a temperature of 101.

Not having a suitable picture to go along with this post

How about a baby picture . . . of me, to warm your heart. Because babies don’t feel guilt, and gators don’t sweat.
I will seriously give $5 to the first person who can tell me where I got the title from. It’s one of my favorite quotes of all time.

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Rachel said...

No clue where the quote comes from, but it sounds like a good story!

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