Scared and scarred

Bosco loves to read books. Well, I guess I should say he loves for us to read him books while he memorizes the story line, then gets irritated if we mess it up in any way. Every week or so we go to the library and grab a stack of picture books that look entertaining. I’d say roughly about fifteen pounds worth, enough to give your biceps a good burn. 

I have to admit that it warms my nerdy little heart to have a child who likes books. Once upon a time, I had aspirations to write children’s books. I even wrote and illustrated one for my senior project in high school. Let’s just say the illustrations left much to be desired, but the story itself was okay. Children’s books are much harder to write, and write well, than I think most people realize, me being an expert and all. So when I find a book that Bosco likes I make a mental note, maybe for some future endeavor of mine.

I’m also taking notes on what not to write about. For example, I picked up a book of bedtime stories, thinking it would be perfect to read before putting Bosco and Bubba to sleep. I don’t usually screen the picture books I pick up because they’re kids books. How bad could they be? Well, I can’t place blame on the author. I really should have skimmed through the book myself before reading it to Bosco, but I’m afraid his little innocent mind has been damaged beyond repair. Word of advice, don’t read stories about kids who are afraid of nighttime things if your child doesn’t already have that fear. Like, if your child isn’t scared of the dark, don’t read a story to him/her about a boy who is scared of the dark. This will only result in a child who is now scared of the dark. Duh mommy (and daddy)!

But now imagine the maternal bonding I felt when I heard Bosco making up his own story today. Too bad it was about being scared and poo and quite possibly LOST. He’s obviously getting inspiration from a variety of sources. Can you guess what they are?

I knew you readers would enjoy it so I feverishly jotted down the lines verbatim as I snooped in on Bosco telling Bubba this story. Enjoy.

Once upon a time, there was Grover. He was scared. And there was Abby. And there was Doggie and he was scared of Elmo. And there was Pig who was scared of his food. There was an island stuck in the poo water, and it left. And there was a Super Reader princess, and another princess, and a king. And they left. And then upon this time there was a mommy and a daddy and all of thems kids. And they left. There was another doggie stuck in the poo and he was so sad. He had a telephone. Then he woke up and had a bowl full of mush and Cheerios that a spider pooped on. THE END
Man I love that little guy. Too bad I’ve obviously scarred him for life in more ways than one.

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