It's a ridiculous day in the neighborhood

Yesterday I jokingly yelled “It’s snowing!” as little petals from our budding tree were swirling around in the wind. I’m so hilarious, I know. I laughed heartily because it was May 23rd and the idea of snow was preposterous. Such a freakish, outlandish idea that it would be snowing. That’s what made my joke funny. I should have watched the weather report . . . because today we woke up to this:
Irony. Is that what it’s called? For fear of sounding like a broken record, I’m not even going to complain about it. I guess I don’t really mind the snow. I was planning on hunkering down in the house anyway, like I do practically every Monday. The only thing that irks me is that once again I’m reminded that I pretty much have no control of the universe, and that reverse psychology really does work, whether you want it to or not. Also I’m a person who relies heavily on expectations. I expect that winter will lead to spring, which will lead to summer. I also expect to be able to turn off my heater by May.

But wait. What am I talking about? I must have just had a lapse in good judgment because I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. Remember, this has been a motto of mine for awhile now. Well instead of whining about it, I’ll just share some pictures. They make me want to drink hot chocolate and apologize to the birds for the joke I made yesterday.
I risked my life to get these just so's ya know. As I was running around the yard in my flip-flopped feet, the heavy snow was making tree branches everywhere snap under the pressure. And I was getting clobbered with huge chunks of wet snow. If you know me, you know I don’t usually subject myself to imperfect weather conditions unless I’m being forced or bribed. Pretty sure I looked like a freak to the neighbors. As I took pictures of tree branches that were dipping low enough to touch the ground, my other neighbor was out trying to shake the snow off so the weighed down limbs wouldn’t crack. I have my priorities though, and it didn’t involve me getting a shovel and hitting trees.

On a good note, the concrete carcass has been covered up with snow so my little field trip has been postponed.

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