Venting of vexations: please indulge me here

As the time quickly dwindles before our new addition arrives I find my head completely filled with things that feel very important right here and now, but I know deep down they really are not. Actually this usually tends to be the case whether I be pregnant or not. Everything just feels slightly more discombobulating than usual. So there you go.

Things I'm currently vexed about:

-Whenever I eat a peach with the skin on, the fuzziness sometimes gets on my own upper lip peach fuzz and makes it feel all irritated. Like tiny microscopic needles. Am I the only person suffering through such an ailment? This reminds me of another story dealing with hair injury but I'll share that later.

-Stretch marks. My belly skin has already been stretched out enough to accommodate a baby TWICE before. Dear stretch marks why can't you just use the ones I already have instead of adding a third layer? Those other stretch marks are still in perfectly good condition. Still perfectly usable. Recycle, reuse!

-I just ran out of my coconut mango body wash that I've been slowly emptying for about a year now. And of course I can't find that same scent anywhere. I almost cried when it was gone because how am I supposed to pretend I'm back in Hawaii everyday now? Throw sand in my scalp and underwear? Sorry doesn't have the same appeal.

-Chocolate pudding. There is never enough in my house.

-I miss the Olympics . . . and Shark Week.

-Shrimp. I think you would be hard pressed to find a person who craves garlic shrimp as much as I do right now. This is a problem because there is currently no garlic shrimp within a one mile radius of my home. Which of course means . . . I eat pasta instead. More stretch marks.

-Paint colors. More precisely paint colors on walls. It is a saga of paint swatch patchwork. SA-GA!
{In real life the wall color is lime sherbet green. Can't handle it. And in real life all of the tested colors are different. I swear.}


Melanie said...

I like the third color from the right on the top row! :)

Melanie said...

Good luck with the sand in the underwear thing, you could always come visit southern california! We have sand...

The redhead said...

I liked that one too but it was a little too dark for the great room. I picked Sherwin Williams Sea salt in the end and luurve it. It the blueish greenish greyish one :)

And I'd rather have the coconut and mangoes than the sand so...

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