I smell a 'how to' post brewing

Every so often, in a cold night sweat, I am awakened and panicked by the thought that there are two little human beings in the house that I am completely and totally responsible for bringing up (which normally doesn't frighten me quite as much).
I mentally do a checklist of what I'm doing okay with. Shelter: check. Food: check. Dancetime: check. Patience: oh come on let me go back to sleep, but not before I get up and check on those two little human beings just to make sure there are no spiders on their pillows. I chanced to meet a pillow spider once as a child and I believe it to be the main cause of my easily irritable nature. Spiders on pillows are never good for the young psyche and I would like to shelter my children from such a fate if at all possible.* There is, however, nothing I can do about the spiders that crawl down their throats while they sleep. That happens to everyone and is basically undetectable therefore not mentally damaging.

I mention this occasional nighttime fret of mine because today I've been delving deep in the shiny perfect cabinets of Pinterest and I'm pretty positive I'm going to have one of those sudden wake-ups tonight (instead of dreaming about being Rainbow Brite like I should be doing) because a mother can only see so many people making Easter bunnies out of ANYTHING and turning doors into bookcases which are also secret passage ways into toy rooms (!) before she begins to question her own status as a good caretaker and provider and all around cool person. I have never had the desire to make bunny cupcakes nor do I still, but sometimes it appears that I should, have this desire.

But really what I'm wondering is if these people who spend so much time making such creative things that their children may or may not appreciate, are these people checking their child's pillow for spiders at night? Because that seems like a way better investment of time and a much clearer barometer of love and devotion if you ask me.

*I don't blame you mother for my own horror. There are just so many spiders in this world. So many.


Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

You had me cracking up in this post. Number one, that is an adorable moment captured in the picture, and two, I don't have kids yet, But I think I would be just like you! haha While I like to be creative, sometimes I wonder what mother's actual intentions are... to impress their kids (please?) or others!?

mysonflower said...

I'm in love... with this post. I just found your blog and can't wait to explore. Great work!

The redhead said...

Alycia-Yes, I tend to think creativity is mostly to please myself actually. My family and friends probably have no idea and don't care how much time I spent arranging that vase of flowers to look perfect :) Oh but I do!

mysonflower- Why thank you!

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