Maybe the leprechauns are to blame

It was a rough weekend. One kid has the coughs which means he coughed so hard a little of his dinner came up, which means soon I will have the coughs yadda yadda yadda weak bladder yadda yadda yadda.

Also the Husband stepped on a rusty nail and had to get a tetanus shot.
He told the nurse that his wife made him come get the shot when really he was the one googling tetanus and showing me a little drop of blood on his sock. I couldn’t see it (maybe because I didn’t have my eyes in yet). Also the nurse told him the mortality rate for those with a tetanus infection wasn’t good so, yeah, he got the shot. True story.

Word of advice to those who have a husband who might step on a nail in their life time, the tetanus shot will turn your man into a horrible, horrible version of the man cold sufferer, i.e. whining, incessant whining, more whining, mixed with demonstrations on how high he can’t lift his arm, with a little crazy eyes thrown in for good charm. Well I hope the shot works and the Husband doesn’t get the tetanus. I sort of feel bad for pinching him right in the spot he got the shot, but he wasn’t wearing green and he only cried for a little bit.

Also I took down all my lingering winter paraphernalia and then it snowed the next day. I hate to say I told you so, but I told me so. As I was removing the hanger I used for a winter wreath, Bosco said, “Hey, are you using those Command hanging strips?” and I tucked this away in my brain as proof that my son has a great memory and that the brain filtration power of commercials is frighteningly awesome. I’m still not sure though how or when my four year-old saw a commercial for this product.

Well that was my weekend, with a whole lot of corned beef and cabbage on the side. How about you?


Unknown said...

I thought Nathan always wore shoes...

The redhead said...

If by "Nathan" you mean the Husband, the nail went through his shoe!

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