Doofus is the word of the day

My son has fallen down and hurt himself many a time, and more often than not he "toots" upon impact. That's just how it is. And heck if I now if that's a sign he's in gastric distress. All I know is that as an immature grown woman, this trend of his is very hard on me, especially if the sound resembles a nose cracking.

I feel so many emotions all at once. Fear, unstoppable smiling, pain, worry, rage, nervousness, giggling, sympathy, guilt, tee-hee,  "I told you to stop running," shame, a glimmer of suppressed laughter in my eyes, nausea.

And how am I supposed to feel all these things at the same time and not look like a complete doofus, what with all the conflicting facial expressions? Deranged doofus I tell you. Well obviously looking like a sane mother is simply not an option for me, at least not until I grow up or my son stops falling and/or passing the gas. Whichever comes first.

Speaking of doofus, this dead rosemary plant is a huge doofus and I said so OUT LOUD yesterday. I had big plans for you bud, mostly to do with potatoes. Now look what you've done to me. I'm blogging about herbs!
Over and out.

Note: No noses were cracked.
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