Did you know flags are everywhere? EVERYWHERE!

We're in a lot of trouble around here, phonetically speaking. The English language is currently one large, nerve wracking landmine of !#$&@ and %*!&$.

You see, Bubba is on the brim of being able to say every word he will ever need to know to have a pleasant conversation. I can just feel it. Yes, we are indeed so proud.
But he does have a few hurdles to overcome. A few rough edges to smooth out.

Here's a break down of the problem(s):

1. 'g' is pronounced with a 'k' sound
2. some sounds are left out entirely, usually 'l' or 'r' sounds
3. 'p' is usually pronounced with a 'b' sound
4. the occasional flip flopping of sounds. The last becomes the first and vice versa.
5. The general inability to decipher precise vowel sounds. 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', or 'u' normally sound like all five vowels are being said all together at once with a slight emphasis on the 'uhhh' sound.

This is of course not something I fret over, except with certain words.

FROG- problems 1, 2, and a little of 5
FLAG- again, problems 1, 2 and a little of 5
CHIP- combination of problems 3 and 4

And obviously there has to be a 6th problem as well: the word 'PICTURE' is lazily shortened to 'pitch' with the added problem of number 3.

But really how often does a two-year old find need to say any one of these red alert words, really?

Well, enough that we usually find ourselves praying to the heavens above that there are no flags or frogs or chips in sight while we are in a public place, which it turns out is basically asking for a miracle to occur every two minutes, sometimes every thirty seconds depending on the area (think patriotic city, full of ponds and Frito Lay lovers).

We were indeed blessed that Bosco only had one foul mouth issue and it lasted merely a day, be it one of the longer days of my life.


The Pizza Family said...

Oh how I love this! So glad you posted about his "flag" problem

The redhead said...

It's so hideously funny!

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