Now let's just hope everything arrives in the mail

Without really thinking things through, I visited a popular mega super toy store the other day. I did this on the pretense that I am a good mom, and as a good mom I am willing to go to stores I typically loathe because something my child wants for Christmas lies inside the walls of one of these stores (this is a bologna belief by the way or btw).

The minute the automatic doors swooshed open I regretted my good momness.

People everywhere. Displays everywhere. Kids running to and fro all hopped up on holiday greediness. Parents all focused on grabbing whatever’s left.

Immediately my skin itched with sensory overload. And the germs right?

I contemplated leaving then and there. I had a minimal amount of time, and a minimal amount of blood sugar. The Husband had dropped me off while he and the kids went to gas up the car. Twenty-five minutes tops. I figured I could handle that and find at least one of the five things on my wish list.


I scoured aisle after aisle, and was getting rather hot under the collar, literally. Bad day for the itchy wool coat. I had been to this store before (gasp!) so I should have remembered that usually I had to rely on an employee to help me find the hidden treasure. Me and my foolish ways. But how was I going to explain to an employee what I was looking for when I wasn’t exactly 100% sure of what it was called. I only had a picture in my head and a hope in my heart and a child’s description.

So I forged ahead, through cart traffic and wailing toddlers and toy ATMs

Even when I found an area where a certain item should have been I couldn’t even get front row access because there were two other rows of people huddled around looking too.

And before I knew it my time was up and I had NOTHING to show for my good intentions. Plus, I hated any and all toys, especially the ones that could launch things.

So I went home, decided some toys weren't all that bad, whittled down and changed a few things on that list to better match my mother sensibilities, and ordered everything online.

Then I made myself a steaming hot cup of cocoa, plopped in three (or four) Candy Cane Hershey Kisses and drank it by twinkle light.
I recommend you do so too, if you haven’t already. It helps restore those depleted of Christmas spirit.


Kristina P. said...

Ooooh, that sounds delicious!

The redhead said...

Yes, it is one of my few strokes of genius. Try it staightaway!

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