I had just settled down for a long winter's nap . . .

Worry no more! I was finally able to get into the Christmas spirit. It came upon me in the wee small hours of the morning, as I was slowly drifting off to sleep. I was a mere inch away from sweet slumber when all of the sudden the Husband let out a noise that can only be described as a billy goat under attack. He did so twice.

Needless to say, I found it near impossible to get back to sleep after that, afraid that I might get trampled to death in a ferocious billy goat stampede.

So there I was with loads of time to whip myself into a holiday frenzy. After much contemplation I decided that this would be “The Year of the Beaded Garland” as well as “The Year I Buy New Twinkle Lights Instead of Spend Two Hours Fixing the Ancient Ones.” I even toyed around with the idea that I would go all classic with white lights, but ultimately I knew deep in my heart that my allegiance has always belonged to those multi-colored bulbs. But sometimes it’s fun to pretend you’re a different person than you really are right?

Anyway, after much soul-searching and many an important decision made I found myself right excited about the season. Then I fell asleep and had weird Christmasy dreams. For example, I dreamed I gave birth to a baby in a blizzard whilst surrounded by goats, even though I had washboard abs (hey it was a dream) and not even a hint of heartburn so I was pretty darn surprised to have a full grown baby in a blizzard. Then I totally understood how all those ladies could gestate for nine months and say “I didn’t know I was pregnant” with a straight face. It’s called empathy folks. And I had some of it. Christmas miracle!*

Then I woke up to my real life kid crying and remembered his real life birth and once again decided that those ladies are full of something other than a baby…

But none of that matters! Because the Christmas elves left us stuff behind door number one!
{Oh hey, Rudolph}

*I should probably stop eating burritos and taquitos before I go to bed, obviously.


The Atomic Mom said...

We are now officially the last people without our tree up in the USA. Serioulsy, I can never get it together till the second week of December. Anyway....I always go with the colored lights and the mismatched ornaments. It makes no sense, but if I see it, I buy it and it goes on the tree.

The redhead said...

I think it makes total sense! Color coordinated and matchy trees look lovely, but my old mismatched ornaments have way more sentimental value for our family tree. And if I'm anything it's sentimental.

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