A conversation with Bosco regarding bunk beds, big toes, parachutes etc.

Me: Would you like to share a room with your brother?

Bosco: Oh yes. Sure. And then we could get bunk beds. And I would have the top since I'm not the baby. I know how to not fall off.

Me: Ok. And do you think you’d be able to get down to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Bosco: Oh well, usually if I have to go to the bathroom really bad I just wiggle by big toe and stomp my legs on the ground. That usually does the trick.

Me: How do you wiggle your big toe and stomp at the same time?

Bosco: No, no. Not at the same time. I wiggle, then stomp. See. I wiggle my big toes like this (demonstration actually involves wiggling of all toes not just the big ones). Then stomp. It’s really loud.
Me: I think if you need to wiggle and stomp you've held it too long. And how are you planning on doing this in your bed while you’re asleep?


Bosco: Well, I guess you guys could get me a parachute so I could fly down the bed in time. That would probably work. Is it lunchtime yet?

Me: What about a ladder instead?

Bosco: No.


Kristina P. said...

A parachute sounds perfectly reasonable.

The redhead said...

Sure does take up a lot of space though...

Elizabeth said...

That's awesome.

heathbar said...

Are those your feet or Boscos?

The redhead said...

I knew someone was going to ask me that! Well, you'll just have to decipher that on your own heathbar!

heathbar said...

I don't think I can. It is just so creepy to look at them and think that they could really be yours.

Rainee said...

hahahah, Bosco has a point! Parachute is much faster than ladder.

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