A picture does last longer.

Timeouts don't happen that often around our house. Maybe once a day is all (actually it's more like once a week but I don't want to jinx it so shhhhhhh). However, last week was timeout central, timeout party, timeout bonanza. Everyone had cause multiple times each day to cool their jets. Who knows why. I think maybe it was because the wind was blowing from the northwest.

Anyway, at one point the Bubba was reflecting in his high chair after his lunch ended up on my feet. Bosco was sitting on the couch contemplating why it's important to share and not hit his brother with hard things. And I was in my room listening to Thriller to calm my nerves.

When I came back to the scene of the crimes to clean up the mess, put the youngest down for his nap, and have the eldest apologize to injured parties, I noticed something had been secretly sketched on the chalkboard.

I noticed because pre-timeout the face looked like this, obviously penned during happier times :
Lucky for me I had snapped a photo while it lasted.
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