You might care about some of this.

There comes a time in every human’s life when they have to freely admit that they and their nasal passages and their tear ducts and pretty much their entire body are no match for Mother Nature.

I am admitting this now, even though I’ve admitted it as far back as age eight, when poison ivy and I got acquainted with each other.

But a person needs reminding of Mother Nature's superiority every once in awhile. That’s why I had to hunker down in a basement during a tornado warning. That’s why wind literally knocked me on my bum. That’s why there was that flash downpour whilst I was wearing a white shirt. That’s why yesterday happened.
The shadowy objects in the back are mountains, which can usually be seen crystal clear. But yesterday something obstructed that view. Twas not a misty fog, clouds, or smoke from a fire. No. Twas all the dirt and other particles within a twenty mile radius, including but not limited to pollen, seeds, weeds, poop molecules I’m sure, hair, lots of different sorts of hair, and probably a little bit of that horse herpes that’s going around. All swirled together by tremendous wind and sent straight to my sinuses and eyeballs. Signed Mother Nature.

P.S. Random disturbing FACT. Poop molecules exist and we breathe them in all the time. So right this second you could have these molecules in your nose if you are near a restroom, animal, baby, or gassy McGassaton. No one is safe. This knowledge made yesterday particularly horrifying and uncomfortable for me as previous boundaries became nonexistent.


Bonnie said...

I could have done without the poop molecule fact.
Thank you in advance for the nightmares.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Rainee said...

lol I kind of figured we're breathing lots of nasty stuff and yet, we are still alive.

The redhead said...

Bonnie-knowledge is power . . . And fear

Rainee-yes, it is a wonder any of us are alive

Rachel said...

Yep. One of those facts I never needed to know. Having this knowledge just makes me realize I can't do anything about it.

Wouldn't those molecules be considered organic? Maybe that makes it sound better? . . . Nope. It's still poop.

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