Did I just admit I would have no problem manipulating a tourist?

Sometimes I feel like this bird I met in Hawaii.
Only one little bird claw on each foot to hold him up, when he is supposed to have at least three toesies I think like his friends do or maybe four? Who knows these random facts about bird appendages anyway? All I know is that it didn’t look or feel right for this bird to exist like this, and it was a little sad but funny of course.

What happened to birdie that allowed almost all of his toes/claws to be removed down to a stump? Born that way? Lawnmower? Cannibalistic birds? Bad landing? Really truly mean tourists? Plastic surgery gone bad? Did it hurt? Or did he rather enjoy that it made him a one of kind fowl? Is he a he or a she?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions. But I do know that he visited our balcony every morning at the same exact time in hopes of a handout or maybe even just some attention. I endearingly called him Creature and Gimpy Friend. I couldn’t decide which one fit him better. But I liked him. And I would have fed him if there hadn’t been a sign that said DON’T FEED THE BIRDS. I tend to be one of those people who read and obey signs. I just am (Unless I'm totally spacey and fail to even see a sign. That happens a lot too).

But if I had been able to feed the birds I would have given all of my food to Gimpy Friend. The other birds could just sit and watch for all I care. They’ve got all their toes. Go make your own casserole guys. But my Creature had way more things on his mind to worry about besides where he would get his next meal. I could just tell. He sure was in a fix, but trying to make the best of it by manipulating soft hearted tourists (that would be me).
Well of course he still has his wings to carry him through so he has something going for him. Not to mention he lives in Hawaii. Der.

But sometimes I wonder how these freakishly small feet of mine, even with all their toes intact, are strong enough to keep me upright ya know?

Kindred spirits. Me and this bird.

Forging ahead despite our feet.


Kristina P. said...

I have Fred FLinstone feet. Seriously.

The redhead said...

Well give me a little of yours and then we'll both be normal. Footwise anyway.

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