Like I said, that's nothing to sneeze at.

Today I realized something as I browsed through past posts (while rocking back and forth in a corner) and it is that this blog of mine has powers. One of which is the power to make my life easier. Easier = better.

Please allow me to explain. Some of you may know this already, but the life of an unrealistic perfectionist, such as myself, is fraught with disappointments and frustrations. It's frightful. Messed up plans. Unchecked lists. Magnified control issues. Furrowed brows.
Yes, I've got plenty of things that furrow the brow.

So anytime I can muster the strength and just let things happen the way they will happen with nary a peep from moi, I pat myself on the back and give myself a piece of chocolate.

But as you may have guessed, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve patted my own back while eating chocolate.

And that’s just the way it is. Can’t teach this old broad new tricks.

So when I’m not trying to loosen my death grip on life (which is pretty much most of the time), I’m embracing my full blown obsessive compulsive ways. This blog is helping me streamline that though which is nothing to sneeze at. Good job blog. Streamlining is a perfectionist’s nirvana, and will probably save me hours of planning and worry.

For example, I recorded on November 15, 2010 my travails with mold and bleach. Well, today I had to repeat the process. So now I know in exactly 191 days I will need to re-bleach. It’s already on the calendar.

Also, historically I can never pull off an April Fool’s joke. This is well documented here. Thank you blog. But sometimes there is hilarity in failing, as that post proved. And as of right now, I know I can never use anything related to teeth brushing again to pull a prank on the Husband because failing is rarely funny the second time around.

Confession: I thought maybe I could make this work again anyway. My brain said it would be wonderful if I could. Oh how I hoped! But it’s impossible. I know this FOR SURE now because I already tried a second go. This time a raisin in toothpaste.
I waiting patiently outside the door just like last time. Except it was really, really awesomely pathetic. All the Husband's fault. So I didn’t even bother to blog about it. Next time I can just assume a third go at it will be even more disastrously unworthy of my energy. I've learned my lesson. Save myself some time!

And now I have at least five extra minutes to do something else, like rotate underwear. Again, thanks blog. That is a treasure trove of history and teaching moments right there.

Go ahead. Give me any post I’ve written and I can tell you exactly how that has helped me become an even better perfectionist.

Gosh blog! Who knew?


Aubry Macbean said...

I'm glad your blog has helped you. All mine has taught me is that I am lazy and unorginised.

The redhead said...

Oh, well my other family blog makes me feel that way...

Rachel said...

Not to mention the enjoyment your readers get while reading your hilarious and will written posts! It's win-win really!

The redhead said...

Oh my word! Thanks Rachel :)

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