10 things I know to be true

1. If half the family prefers enchiladas made from flour tortillas, it's still best and right to go with corn tortillas.

2. The Husband wears the same shirt every Friday.

3. The dryer will only work if you press the START button.

4. Same thing goes for the dishwasher and the microwave or anything that has a START button.

5. I have ten-year-old lotion and body spray underneath my bathroom sink (unused for about nine years).

6. It is staggeringly rude to clip one's nails in church, whether it be finger or toe.

7. Clocks cannot be trusted.

8. Also, clowns cannot be trusted, especially if holding a clock.

9. Little Debbie Star Crunch snacks do not taste the same as they did when I was eight.

10. Trampolines are for children, not for women who have birthed children.

!!!BONUS MORSEL OF TRUTH!!!--The Husband is going to be mildly vexed that I mentioned the shirt thing and faked that whole calendar pic. Tee hee.


Kristina P. said...

Enchiladas must be flour!

Clare said...

Totally agree with #1 & 10.

Rainee said...

lol I love your post.

The redhead said...

Kristina- You're breaking my heart!

Clare- You know it.

Rainee- thank ya :)

The Atomic Mom said...

This is perhaps the most brilliant blog I have read all week.

I just thew out the 10 year old lotions and potions last month. And I once ate an entire box of star crunch for lunch with my best friend in high school and have not had one since. That was 20 years ago. I also think knitting is rude in church -- that is the thing to do in our ward, not even kidding.

The redhead said...

Knitting in church? That sounds like pure insanity. It's like they're trying to say, "I'm better than you because I can knit." which is true but still, not very humble on their part.

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