How could I not do a post for St. Patrick's Day?

Bubba just threw a plate of lasagna across the room. That was fun. Have you ever cleaned a bunch of lasagna off the floor and walls?

I’m wearing green right now. I don’t know if the Husband is or not because he’s at work and I was dead to world when he left. If he’s not wearing green I’m going to pinch him really hard, the kind that burns and leaves your skin purple. But don’t worry about him, worry about yourself. Are you wearing green?

I’m making corned beef and colcannon for dinner. My house stinks something fierce. But I’m embracing my Irish roots anyway. Are you? And did you know bathing everything in butter makes it all worth it?

I tried to get a picture of me and the boys in our green attire so the leprechauns would leave us alone. I’ve never seen one of these mystic creatures but I don’t think these people in Alabama are crazy for believing. They’re just being understandably cautious because did you know that leprechauns really do exist?

Turns out getting a simple picture of a mother with her two sons is particularly difficult, especially when the mother is the one trying to take the picture. Am I ridiculous to even try?
{Do I look frustrated?}

{Nevermind the screaming child, does that light fixture bother anyone?}

{What's your favorite thing going on in this one?}

{Could Bubba look any more depressed at the situation? Oh and why am I still trying?}

{This is probably the best I can get right? Can you tell I almost dislocated my shoulder?}

I know I’m throwing a lot of questions at you all at once, but I have one more. Would it be alright if I go take a nap now?


Kristina P. said...

My mom would make corned beef and cabbage. I HATED it. So I won't eat it. It's possible it's delicious and it was just the way she prepared it, or it's possible I would still think it's gross.

The redhead said...

I actually like it. At least enough to have it once a year. The stuff from the can is gross though.

Bonnie said...

I am not a fan of tiny humans, but yours are surprisingly adorable. I love the picture of you with your boys.

And have I mentioned that your trains of thought remind me of my own? You make me feel normal. Well, almost.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

The redhead said...

Well I kinda love that there is someone out there who can sympathize with my thought patterns. It's reassuring.

Rachel said...

Sometimes it's nice to have proof the Mommy was around too! Yeah for not getting pinched!

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