Portraits of Yesteryear: I loved that sweater

Sometimes, as a kid, I would wonder what I’d be like when I was thirty. I hoped I would have a chest by then. That was my main concern. I knew being thirty meant being ancient, but I was pretty sure I’d be awesome at it. Humility was not my strong suit at that time (can’t say that it is today either).

And now that I actually am thirty, sometimes I wonder what I was like when I was six or seven or eight. It’s getting harder to remember what with my advanced age and all. It must have been nice to just worry about stuff like getting my parents to let me stay up late, and how I was going to finagle getting four Oreos instead of two. Oh and lets not forget fretting over when oh when! was the next New Kids on the Block album going to come out? I’d like to go back and be that little girl every once in awhile. Oh yes I would. And I would stare at that framed poster of Joey by my bed all day long, and make mixed tapes, and ride my bike to the nearest gas station for a can of Crystal Pepsi.


Then I come across pictures like this. And I change my mind right quick.
Right quick I tell ya.


The Pizza Family said...

I had the exact sweater! Except mine was red. Much more fashionable of course...

The redhead said...

I'm glad you got the red one actually. Red is so not my color!

Sara Louise said...

And you look so thrilled to be wearing that sweater!

The redhead said...

You bet I was! My hair however had me down in the dumps. The perm that just kept giving and giving.

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