Hi. I'm Sarah. And I'm an Aquarius and I really, really wanna be loved by you.

Well today's the day, the day I make all your dreams come true. But never mind that.

Today is also the day I have to start writing my two digit age with the number 3. To give you a better idea of the state of me and my environs, this week I have:

-consumed a bag of popcorn (snack size okay) and a can of Hansen's Vanilla Cola every night around midnight.

-stayed in my pajamas. Put jeans on once while in a motivated mood and decided it wasn't worth the loss of comfort. Put pajamas back on.

-bathed twice.

-stayed in my house. Only ventured out to throw a bag of dirty diapers outside the door.

-went braless, mostly because of the above mentioned hermit-ness (did you know it feels strange and irritating to have bosom support after nearly a week of being shackle free?)

- lost a lot of sleep because of a strange humming noise in my bedroom. The Husband says he can't hear it. I think he's working on some elaborate April Fool's joke to get back at me for last year.

-requested cheesecake.

-watched too much stuff on Hulu.

-decided most of T.V. is bad acting . . . but I watch it anyway to make me feel better about the split between Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend, therefore dashing all hopes she could one day be known as Mrs. Friend.
-requested cheesecake.

-rededicated myself to the eating of chocolate, after a brief moment of insanity.

-made peace with the universe. Bribery was involved. Universe likes flattery too.

-was reminded that with age comes wisdom. And I need that because usually I'm pretty dense. So bring it on! (the wisdom I mean)

-decided to embrace myself. Really. I gave myself a hug. It was dumb.

-heard Bosco say, "I love you Mommy" about thirty times. I don't think that number is a coincidence.

. . . and I'm still waiting on that cheesecake.

Have a lovely weekend my dear poopsies. I plan on starting this decade of mine off all supastar like, and also getting more smarter in the process.


Bonnie said...

I kind of love this.
Your life sounds amazing.
Never wish for anything different. I wish I could have as much fun with everything as you do. :)



Aubry Macbean said...

Happy Birthday. I here ya on the turning thirty part. I will be doing so at the end of May. I think I want to have a party to try and fool myself into thinking this age change is okay. Still haven't decided which idea sounds best.
p.s. If I knew how to make cheesecake I would bring you some.

Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday, Sarah!

Hope you get that cheesecake!

Sara Louise said...

As a fellow Aquarian named Sara(h), happy birthday to you! And writing your birthday starting with a 3 isn't all that bad :-)

The redhead said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes y'all. 30 is off to a pretty good start.

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