The bottle is still half full

How many squirts does it take to get the bottom of a Febreze bottle? Because I'd like to have a good idea of how long it'll take me to be rid of this stuff I bought an unbearably long time ago.
Three (four) months ago I was looking to switch things up a little and veer off my usual lavender scented path. So I picked up something a little more exotic that made me feel dangerous and unpredictable. Maybe something Angelina Jolie would go for. It smelled fine in the store and I was excited to make my quaint abode smell like a freakin tropical paradise. But at home, spritzed on my couch, curtains, sheets, carpets, and hair, its scent nowhere near captivated my spirit or sent me straight to a Hawaiian beach.

False advertising, no?

Instead, every time I spray it I feel a little queasy, and like I'm surrounded by sweaty vacationers and old lady perfume. Not exactly what I want mingled all over my couch and pillows.

And yet despite the undesirable effect the odor has on me, I continue to spray it around my house because I can't let it go to waste. It must be used up, not thrown out! Only then can I go out and buy the scent I know and love.

This is the weirdo that is me. Rather than throw $3 in the trash can, I'd rather rip up those dollars bills into tiny minuscule pieces and scatter them around my house until I feel like vomiting.

There must be a scientific term for someone like this. Wasteaphobic? Manic thrifter?

All I know is that Angelina Jolie has no place in my home. She is heretofore forbidden to inspire any further decisions. Tisk, tisk Angie.


Kristina P. said...

Ugg, that's horrible. In the process to list our condo, I probably went through about 4 different kind of Glade and Febreeze plug-ins, and they just made me sick.

Fortunately, Bath and Bodyworks has ton of non-perfumey frangrances.

The Atomic Mom said...

Just toss it. I have had the same issue as you, but I've just learned to toss and not feel guilty.

Sara Louise said...

I've had a bottle for I don't know how long either (they actually sell it in France)! I'm guessing like a year maybe? Got it when I got the dog. It's dumb and doesn't work at all (the dog too)

The redhead said...

Kristina-I've heard good things about the Bath and Body stuff. I need to try it out.

Atomic Mom-I can't! I just can't do it!

Sara Louise-I never thought of just not using it. I could just let it sit there. Good idea. But then what about the stink of just day-to-day living?

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