Friday Confessions: I'm not sure addiction is the right word for it

Friday Confessions time. I admit that I may or may not be addicted to Etsy. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? In my almost always correct opinion, it’s the happiest place in cyber space.

It’s like lemon drops, new car smell, cuddly baby monkeys, the most perfect piece of peach cobbler, freshly shaved (shorn?) legs, and a whole bag of chips just for you, all wrapped nicely together (in handmade paper!), then sprinkled with fairy godmother dust until it’s bubbling over with massive amounts of wonderful. And then all your dreams come true.

But you see, it’s hard for me to say I’m truly addicted. I have yet to compare myself with other people and their Etsy consumption. And comparison is key when trying to figure such things out.

Also there should probably be some more scientific research on the subject before I can make an educated guess. Show me studies, statistics, lab rats, what have you. But this information simply doesn’t exist, yet. This is why I say I may or may not be addicted. I’m leaning towards may, just based on a gut feeling of mine. I’m prone to gut feelings.

But I’ll let you make your own judgments about me. It should be known that I did about 82% of my Christmas shopping through Etsy shops this year. Lovely things for the children, the man attached to me by marriage, mother, sisters . . . myself. Husband it was so thoughtful of you to let me pick something out for myself this year! What a handsome devil you are. I love what I picked out for myself!

Why did I do this instead of go to the blasted mall? Well at some point this year I jumped on the handmade band wagon without really realizing it. Not me personally making handmade things. Heavens I don’t have the patience for that right now. But supporting those who do and have dreamy products to show for it.
Just a snap shot of some prints I got for the kiddies and myself to fill up these sullen empty walls of ours. Remember how I am trying to make my house a home? Bingo.

And this is just what I can show you. I can’t show you gifts for people who might actually peruse this post. That would be breaking Christmas Cheer Rule #4. Never intentionally take away the element of surprise for others on Christmas morning (Perhaps I’ll tell you the other rules another day. There are fifteen after all. Rules that is.) Just know that the other gifts are equally awesome.

So what say you? Am I showing signs of addiction or just a normal amount of adoration?

For those interested, here are the prints I purchased and the shops so you can peruse the magic for yourself. I love them all.

Anything that quotes truth is worth my money. The first one is going right above my stove. And the other is going above my washer/dryer. This is the kind of inspiration I need and want.

I sing this song to Bubba everyday. Awwww. Love it.

It's uncanny how well this print portrays my Bosco. He's going to immediately turn into his superhero self when he sees it.

I love this watercolor print titled Love Birds. It suits the Husband and I quite well. I'll let you decide which bird is who.

Happy Christmas shopping!


Clare said...

I'm not addicted, yet, but I covet quite often. Sigh...

Heather said...

I'm so glad you like my prints!! Thanks for the feature!

Janene Murphy said...

I'll have to try Etsy. I've never even heard of it, shame on me. As for the Fat Gives Things Flavor? I am all over that. Awesome!

Kristina P. said...

Me too!!

I bought several items from Etsy this year. I am big into silhouettes this season.

Lindsay said...

thanks so much for the feature! i share your etsy addiction!

The redhead said...

Clare-Yes some things I must covet as they are out of my price range :0

Heather-My pleasure!

Janene-Once upon a time I didn't know about Etsy either. I sort of feel all warm and fuzzy inside about introducing it to you :)

Kristina-I'm loving the silhouettes too. My silhouette would have a big honking nose though.

Lindsay-You're welcome!

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