And when we touched she didn't shudder at my pawwww!

Well this weekend I was feeling particularly good about myself so I did a lot of shopping. That’s just what I do when such a bangarang mood occurs. I start thinking of things to buy. I know it seems backwards. Most people shop when they are depressed or pissed off. Not me. I’m a horse of different color.

Lately I’ve been trying to phase out stuff that I’ve had in my wardrobe since high school. It was time. Trying to look at least twenty-five is my end goal here. I’m also trying to slowly replace things the Husband and I got when we were married, hundreds upon hundreds of days ago. Six years is a long time to have the same deplorable oven mitts and hand towels. And don’t even get me started on the sick state of our naked walls. I keep telling the Husband that I’m trying to make our house a home. How can one argue with this? That’s the great thing about the little saying of mine. One cannot.

Don’t get me wrong. When I shop, I shop reasonably. Some may even say cheaply. But I get the job done well enough. And since the Husband would shoot himself in the foot and I would have to clean up the mess if I dropped a bunch of cash all in one day, I’ve been methodically adding new clothes and new home accessories month by month. It’s so very hard for this impatient soul of mine. Let me just tell you that so you can have it all straight in your mind. Patience is not one of my most envied virtues, mostly because I have next to none. So the fact that I’ve had the stamina to spread this out is just icing on the cake baby, icing! I’m becoming a better person while also getting new stuff! I sure do know how to go about things the right way.

So here’s what I bought this weekend in between two stops to Target, an emergency-only stop to Walmart, and various other places:

-A new dress, which is cute but unfortunately shows every nook and cranny.

-A shaper-sucker-upper thingamabob, to smooth out my ass-ets so I can wear that cute new dress without feeling all nookish and crannyish

-Beauty and the Beast movie, because it’s my favorite and because I needed to be reminded that Disney is responsible for all of my unrealistic expectations in life. Come on. I can’t be the only one who still thinks living in an enchanted castle is in her future. Did I mention that there is a sing-a-long feature on the DVD? Well there is. Not that I needed a whole feature to tell me when and what to sing. Puh-lease.
-Paper towels. Lots of them. I love paper towels, so much. Sorry Earth.

-Halloween candy, to be eaten in advance of Halloween. That dang Kit Kat commercial got to me in a major way.

-I almost bought a pair of flats I saw in the kids shoe section because they fit. When I saw a little girl wearing the same shoes at Church today, I was so glad I decided to not be stupid.

-And I also thought about spending way too much money on some original art pieces. Then I had a silly thought that I could paint the same thing myself. I’m such a dork. But I’m a dork who just saved a whole lot of money, who still has sad lonely walls.

Did you buy anything super fabulous this weekend? Do you regret it? Do you wish you had kept that monkey shirt you wore in high school? Do you wish the Prince actually had a French accent?


Kristina P. said...

Nothing this fabulous, but I am always on the lookout for dresses. I tried several on at Target earlier in the week, and probably tried on the "nook and cranny" dress, sadly. I love the sweater dresses, but I have a tummy pooch, so those are not good.

Sara Louise said...

I also bought loads of paper towels. (I freak out if I'm down to one roll, I must always have loads of rolls). And I bought more cards to make more flashcards, so I can practice my French, so I can understand what everyone here is saying. (I pretty much just sit around looking confused all the time)

Clare said...

Sometimes I look at pictures of myself and wonder why I got rid of the shirt I was wearing years ago. Then, I might be able to dig it out of the closet of my sister and put it on again. Then I remember why I gave it away in the first place.

The redhead said...

Kristina-I'm still searching for that "perfect" dress. Let me know if you find it.

Sara Louise-I remember using flash cards in French class. But it was way less pressure...like if I didn't know the word, a real French person wasn't going to make fun of me. Good luck with that.

Clare-Sometimes I look at pictures of myself and wonder why I was wearing that shirt. Did I know my stomach was showing? I think they made shirts shorter back then...

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