A list of today's inconsequential thoughts

Some days it’s just easier to fill my brain with thoughts of little to no importance. Today was one of those days. Who better to share them with than you, my deserving, understanding readers? Behold my unedited thoughts as they now become your thoughts. Ha!

Why is it impossible to keep my mouth closed while applying my mascara?

What was my life like before I discovered the wonderfulness of freshly ground pepper? Less fresh. That’s for sure.

My throat is sore. I’m getting sick. That means pretty soon everyone in my family will be sick. I need to go buy tissues which I’m actually excited to do because they make the boxes so cute these days.

I’m pretty sure the sole purpose of Etsy on this our planet is to test marriages.

How many necklaces does one have to own before she can tell people she is a legitimate supa-star.

I think I’d rather step on Cheerios all day rather than Kix. I don’t know why. I'm glad I've finally decided that with myself.

What was I thinking about in this picture? Gee I love cages. I’m like a bird… My hair will one day give me grief; I feel it in my bones. Are these boy pants? Can I have some candy now? Yeah it was probably that last one.

I hope I don’t get my period when I’m staying at a relative’s house for a few days. I really hate to leave behind evidence of my femaleness in their wastebasket.

How many headaches does it take to convince me to pop a Tylenol?

I like owls. And monkeys. And hippos.

That dream I had where a couple neighbors were visiting with me while I gave my sons a bath, all whilst I wasn’t wearing any clothes . . . yeah that dream. That dream was really weird. I can never tell anyone besides the Husband about that dream in full detail. Do not blog about that dream silly you. It’s just too weird, even for your blog.

I wish I could say I found Nate Berkus’ goofy grin endearing, but I can’t. Not yet anyway.

“Ohio State Fair. Map of the grounds. Get your program right here.” Ah childhood.

Blasted sore throat. Sore throats are worse than hangnails. Really sucks that I have both right now.

Maybe I should try wearing yellow again. No. Probably not.

Hello loofah. I really do you love you. You know that right?

Pillow and Bed. I'm gonna say the same thing to you.


Kristina P. said...

Good luck on the sick thing. My cold of death started off with just a sore throat.

The redhead said...

I think I might need that luck. Almost 24 hours since I wrote this post and I'm pretty sure I'm near death. Ugh

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