Turns out kids and bears act the same when trapped inside

I think if you looked closely you might find snot on my ceiling right now. Yeah things are pretty crazy around here and what not. But I’m trying to be a generally positive person (which goes against the grain of my nature) and that means not resting until my house is spic and span. I don’t know about you, but when I’m surrounded my sickness and chaos the first thing I want to do is 1) Find my happy place 2) Clean like a robot maid.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, trying to create some semblance of order so that my mind is tricked into thinking that I have just a little control in matters of this universe. And you know what? At about 11:38 A.M. my house was a wondrous sight to behold. I had shown my house who's boss. All the tissues covered in nose drippings had been disposed of. Dirty clothes were in the wash. Snotted up sheets had been changed. Toilets had been cleaned, as well as the sinks. I was so in the zone I forgot to even gift my stomach with breakfast. The sign of real focus.

All the while Boy 1 and Boy 2 were playing peacefully in the corner with matches. I’m kidding! They were ripping up papers. Unimportant papers. Hey, I was just plain giddy their noses were dry for the moment, and they were semi-content. So rip away little ones. Rip away is what I say.

And now it is 1:37 P.M. My triumphant moment has passed. My house again looks akin to how that one guy’s car looked when a bear got trapped inside. Right down to the smelly present and the peanut butter sandwich.

Bear takes car for joyride @ Yahoo!7 Video

Here’s what I’m thankful for: 8 P.M.

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